Sport Speakers

Tim Horan

Tim's electrifying pace, solid defence, experience and his uncanny ability to read the game justifies his tag as one of the greatest centres and Wallabies in the history of the game. Tim has melded his natural leadership abilities and flair for public speaking making him in demand as a corporate keynote presenter. ...


Tim Watson

Tim Watson was one of AFL football's most revered heroes, renowned for his superb skills and explosive bursts of pace. Tim played 307 Games for Essendon from. As one of the “Baby Boomers,” he was crucial to two Essendon premierships. After retiring for a year, he returned to footy in 1993 and was rewarded with another Essendon premiership. A year later, Tim brought all of his talent to ...


Tim Webster

He is most widley recognised for his work on channel 10, Tim has a great ability to handle a live crowd. He is quick, witty and very entertaining, and his MC and hosting skills are widely recognised in the corporate and sports communities. He has also presented the network's popular Sports Tonight program and has covered various major sporting events, including the Melbourne Cup, Olympic Games, C ...


Todd Woodbridge

Combining with Mark Woodforde in doubles, Todd formed the most successful team in tennis history. The Woodies, as they are affectionately known throughout the world, have become modern day legends. In not only tennis, but Australian sport in general! Todd, with Mark Woodforde hold the record for the most titles won in Professional Tennis. ...


Tony Lockett

Tony Lockett was recruited from Ballarat playing his first game for Saint Kilda in 1983. He has proved himself to one of the greatest Full Forwards ever having played 236 games and kicked 1166 goals, a feat only exceeded by Jason Dunstall and Gordon Coventry with 1299. ...


Tony Mowbray

Very passionate, emotive speaker with a moving and motivating story. Tony is one of the survivors of the Sydney to Hobart race. Since then he has led a number of sailing expeditions to the Antarctic and other high risk destinations. He takes with him a crew of ordinary people, often with no prior experience, thereby proving that everyone can achieve something extraordinary. Tony focuses on managin ...


Tony Squires

Tony Squires has been one of Australia's most popular media personalities and a highly successful corporate entertainer and speaker for more years than he cares to admit. Tony's media experience, which includes hosting major live television shows and extensive radio broadcasting, provides potential clients with a range of unique and entertaining options. He has a wealth of experience in corporat ...


Torah Bright

At only 22 years of age Torah is one of the world's leading female snowboarders. Torah is the hottest youth sports commodity on the planet. Torah made her Olympic debut at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino and has since claimed the 2006/07 TTR World Title and back to back US Open, Nippon Open, World Superpipe and Burton Global Open Series titles. Torah is one of the most photographed snowboarder ...


Torvil and Dean

Torvill and Dean are a famous innovative British ice dancing team, consisting of Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean. They became the only figure skating team to ever receive the perfect score of 6.0 across the board from every judge, in the 1984 Winter Olympics. This achievement is unlikely to ever be matched, as the scoring system has been completely revamped.

Becoming professionals ...


Trevor Hendy

Trevor Hendy is unchallenged as "the greatest Ironman in the world". The pride of Australian Surf Lifesaving, Trevor's list of achievements would make most sportsmen and women turn green with envy. Trevor has spent his time since competition, pursuing his love of "helping bring people's Spirit Alive". Trevor now continues to tour the country on the speaking circuit furthering his own learning a ...


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