Teambuilding Speakers

What kind of entertainers, experts and legends can best help your team achieve optimal cohesion? How do you keep people engaged and enthused? We recommend you get creative. Ovations know how invaluable it is to have a strong, happy team. That's why we provide events with charismatic, motivational speakers, explorers and other athletes, psychologists, musical legends, respected authors, even comedians. We specialize in building teams, from the ground up.

Scott Steinberg

Scott Steinberg is the CEO of a management consulting and market research firm which helps clients more effectively connect, communicate and create lasting value. One of the world's best-known business strategists and communications experts, he serves as a strategic advisor to Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits, universities and startups, helping them identify emerging cultural, social and tech ...

Shane Heal

Four-Time Olympian, Championship-winning Player and Head Coach, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Brand Ambassador Shane Heal is one of Australia’s most recognised personalities and respected sporting figures. His is a reputation forged representing Australia at four olympic games and playing professionally for more than 20 years in Australia, europe and in the world's best league, the ...

Shannan Ponton

Well known for his role as trainer on The Biggest Looser, Shannan Ponton is an iconic Aussie guy who loves the beach and the bush, but don't expect a leisurely vacation when Shannan takes you to the great outdoors; this fitness fanatic sees the Aussie terrain as one big gym. With over 15 years experience in the industry, Shannan has created innovative approaches to fitness including "The Crunch ...

Shannon Dolan

Shannon Dolan specialises in corporate performance skills including elite presentation skills, physical presence, impact, creative team building, image, and people branding. She has a BA in Performance and Psychology from UCLA, a Post-Graduate degree in Movement & Direction from NIDA, and a Masters in Theatre from UNSW. Shannon leads group seminars and coaches individuals of all levels up to CEO, ...

Shivani Gupta

Shivani is a Keynote Speaker for transforming Business Leaders and Owners using her A.S.K. Methodology in Accountability, Strategy, and Knowledge.

She is the world's only Electrical Engineer turned Entrepreneur turned Educator

Over her 21-year entrepreneurial journey, Shivani has presented to over a quarter of a million people across 19 countries, coached over 1500 leaders globally, and authored 9 books. She's scaled many of her own businesses to over $1M, and recently, she successfully exited a business she grew from $0 to $5M. 

Simon Banks

Simon Banks is a creativity, innovation, and design specialist; international keynote speaker; author; podcaster and recovering professional artist.

He’s delivered over 1400+ events on four continents for industry-leading companies including: Google; EY; Geoscience Australia and Volkswagen, to name a few.

Simon’s geek out spot is the intersection of creativity and design, learning, people and passion which he sees as essential to the challenge facing future leaders: empowering  people’s ability to reimagine what’s possible. 

His Big Why? To build a more creative world where innovation and curiosity combine so business thrives and people live well.

He prefers a moped to a Harley Davidson, and surfing over a corporate commute and the question everyone always asks? Yes, all the drawings you’ll see are his!

Song Division

Song Division enables corporate teams to achieve results they didn't think were possible. With the guidance of our experienced writers and audio engineers, your team will write and record an original song onto CD. A video clip can also be filmed to accompany the song. ...

Stef du Plessis

Stef du Plessis is a speaker, facilitator, workshop leader and team-builder. He grows people and organisations by focusing on self-mastery, teamwork, and leadership at all levels. He also heads up Stef du Plessis and Associates, a people development consultancy with offices in Johannesburg and Sydney. He has delivered more than 2 500 paid presentations on self-mastery, lifestyle management, leader ...

Stephen Lundin

For the last ten years Steve Lundin, Big Tuna Ph.D., has been living one long fish story. After chronicling the amazing customer experience provided by an unlikely group of fish mongers in Seattle, Steve has visited hundreds of organizations in all parts of the globe that have one thing in common; they are putting into action the old wisdom written about in the book FISH. Each variation is uniqu ...

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