Liesl's strongest interest is in emerging trends, new forms of connectivity/technology interface between people, and how that impacts society and commerce. She pays particular attention to the impact of technology on the relationship that businesses have with customers. Liesl Capper is co-founder of and a dynamic and proficient speaker. Winner of the 2012 ICT Woman of the Year h ...

Are you looking for a world-class speaker? Someone who can can captivate and inspire the room?

But most importantly, someone who doesn't cost the earth?

Ovations is here to help!

We've carefully assembled a list of our top ten speakers, covering a wide range of topics and audiences: Adventurers, Futurists, Business Leaders, Comedians, Educators and more!

And best of all, these highly-acclaimed speakers are all available for under $10K!

Bringing audiences to their feet!

Ovations, founded in 1988 by Leanne Christie, was the first training brokerage company in Australia. The business rapidly moved into Motivational Speakers, Inspirational Speakers and Keynote Speakers specialising in conferences and corporate events.

As one of the most respected and established Speakers Bureaus in Australia, Ovations lead the way with Australia's first Speakers Showcase. Leanne and the Ovations team have now organised events in over 20 countries.

Our Managing Director has served on the board of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus. Ovations has also been awarded the annual IASB (International Association of Speakers Bureau's) top award for service. The first time the award has been won by a person or bureau outside the US.

The team at Ovations is truly the most professional and reliable to work with and have a well-established and proven track record.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Meet The Ovations Speaker Bureau Team!





This June we held an unprecedented THREE showcases in one week across the eastern coast of Australia!

Now you can watch the Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney showcases online in their entirety right here!

This month we've come up with a list of the most incredible mobile apps that the modern event planner can't afford to do without!


For a chance to WIN a trip for two to beautiful Maui, just do yada yada yada, bada bing bada bang bada boom.

Doctors, Adventurers and Entrepreneurs... Oh my!

Who are our top ten picks for 2012? Find out now!

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the HOTTEST of them all?

This month saw an incredible outpouring of energy and excitement surrounding our National Speaker Showcase. For the first time our showcases were streamed LIVE via webcast allowing hundreds more to join us and take part in the conversation via Twitter and Facebook, where we reached over 24,000 followers! And of course, now you can join in too and watch all three events!
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