Katerina Kimmorley, founder of Pollinate Energy & the Innovation Fund is a Cleantech expert, Venture Capitalist, social entrepreneur and advocate for women changing the world. 

Katerina Kimmorley, founder of Pollinate Energy & the Innovation Fund is a Cleantech expert, Venture Capitalist, social entrepreneur and advocate for women changing the world.

World class musician and thought leader Mark Schulman shares one of his most potent formulas that he has incorporated into his daily life for many years - a key to success that has kept him in the forefront of the minds of some of the worlds most successfull entertainers and business leaders.

For small businesses, breeches can be hard to see from the outside. For corporations, breeches can be hard to see from the inside, as the recent Banking Royal Commission revealed.

Any experienced surfer knows how important it is to keep one eye fixed on the horizon. While a wave is still forming a long way off, that is the time to start paddling, to get into position and get ready. Leave it too long or fail to move at all, and you’ll be wiped out as the wave crashes upon you.

Traditional strategies for personal and commercial success cannot longer sustain the pace of modern life. The future of work requires high levels of creativity, an ability to process vast amounts of information, and consistently produce relevant, impactful outcomes.

The situation was every leader’s worst nightmare: Archana Patchirajan, founder of an Indian technology startup, had to call her staff into a meeting and give them some devastating news. Due to a stark lack of funds, Archana would have to let them go. She could no longer afford to pay them.

16-year-old Tedx Speaker, Kailash Sarma, is a student of passion. After enduring severe bullying in primary school, an experience that shattered his self confidence, he discovered the art of public speaking as a way to rebuild himself and his self esteem.

We live in the Asian Century, with China as the growth engine, and the next 50 years will see many industries disrupted by Chinese consumerism, innovation and aspiration. Many services industries, including healthcare, retail, luxury, travel, education and food are already affected by the rise of China’s middle class, together with their massive investment in technology, R&D, e-commerce and AI.

All business leaders and managers need to be aware of the likely impact on their industries and organisations from these disruptive forces and the opportunities it creates for them to develop a new cultural mindset and a China engagement strategy.

David Thomas is an experienced and dynamic speaker who will bring this topic to life at your next conference or event and a thought leader who lives and breathes the China growth story at ground level.

Past speaking engagements include:

  • Telstra Young Leaders – The future is China
  • ING Top Brokers – Bringing China to You
  • Westpac – Doing business in China and India
  • CEO Institute – The 8 critical steps to developing your China Strategy
  • The Executive Connection – China in the Asian Century

Whilst IQ, and more recently EQ, were once regarded as the highest and most sought after qualities of leaders in western organisations, future leaders will be selected and judged by their levels of “CQ” i.e “Cultural Intelligence”, including their ability and aptitude for managing teams from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, overseeing cross-cultural communications, and handling cross-border negotiations and transactions. Very few of these skills are taught in western educational institutions and much of this has to be learnt from experience, trial and error, and listening to those who have done it all before.

David Thomas has spent the last 30 years living, working and managing relationships in the Asia Pacific region, including leading numerous missions, delegations and study tours to China designed to support western leaders on the ground and to highlight and address some of the cross-cultural challenges for their business and their teams, which always makes the difference between success and failure.

Past speaking engagements include:

  • Property Profile Group Asia Day – Developing an Asian mindset
  • William Grants & Sons, UK – Three Cups of Tea
  • First National Annual Conference – Doing business with Asians
  • Louis Vuitton – How to sell luxury products to high net worth Asians
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