Absolutely amazing - A very entertaining mix of history, economics, social development and future trends was exceptional. Both fascinating and educational for any business person.

Loads of practical tips on how to embrace the opportunities in China. His talk was highly relevant, entertaining and everyone walked away with ideas to make the most of the Chinese market.

Extremely refreshing and addressed in very straightforward and easy to understand and implement, format. Very pertinent and inspiring with regards to how we present ourselves to the Chinese market.

Cutting edge, insightful, highly researched and thought-provoking. A speaker with ideas about the best way to take a business or any idea global.

The energy and clear insight that you brought to the Masterclass was a real strength.

Rated as one of the standout sessions of the program.

Such a dynamic, engaging speaker. His keynote was very well received by our audience. David gave them clear tips – and most importantly, actionable suggestions.

Thank you for sharing your story with us at our National Sales Conference.

Our staff were so inspired by your presentation and it provided a powerful reminder of the power of the human spirit in how we deliver in our own business.  We had great feedback from our staff on your session which helped to set up our conference in an impactful way

James Clear is a personal development keynote speaker and New York Times bestselling author ofAtomic Habits. His entertaining talks teach audiences about small habits, decision-making, and continuous improvement.

Gone are the days where ‘trust’ is assumed because the organisation has been well established for years. Gone are the days where ‘trust’ is given to the leader because they have the title or wear the badge ‘CEO’ or ‘boss’. Gone are the days where people will be invisible and work tirelessly at the bottom rung of the ladder, with very limited feedback, support and job interest, simply in hope that one day they may be noticed and be able to climb up to the next rung.

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