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Australia - Vic

After spending many years in corporate marketing for Westpac and Merrill Lynch, Carolyn decided to jump ship and establish her own small business. Carolyn is fast becoming Australia's leading expert on marketing for small business. She is an outstanding collaborator, connector and communicator and is constantly innovating to offer new marketing products and services to the small business market.

She is a sought after speaker at major conferences around Australia and overseas and is a regular media commentator on branding and marketing for small businesses. Carolyn also hosts regular breakfasts, seminars and events across Australia. Her Small Business Big Brand book and seminars are fast becoming one of the most well respected educational marketing resources for small business.

Carolyn is different to other marketers. She has a no BS and very practical approach with a passion for making marketing real for small business owners. She understands every marketing effort must reap a return on investment and is often a critic of mainstream marketing and advertising tactics. Carolyn directly challenges business owners to get out of the rut of the old ways of marketing. After hearing Carolyn speak you will never think about marketing in quite the same way again!

Speaking topics

Purpose & Profit
How to balance the imperatives of higher purpose with profit
Many companies are being left behind in the new conscious business age that's emerging across the world. To be sustainable, companies will need to make the shift to balance purpose with profit. Discover which companies are doing it and how they've done it. Gain the knowledge and insights you need to make the shift.

Conscious Marketing
How to create an awesome business with a new approach to marketing
The world of marketing and advertising is broken. 80% of it simply doesn't work. With over 3000 marketing messages received in any given day, is it any wonder that people are tuning out and turning off?   Marketing needs to be reinvented. Discover an alternative model, the Cycle of Conscious Marketing, learn about companies that are using it and receive some practical ideas to get started on it.

The Courage Factor
Finding the courage to start over
Everyone gets stuck at times in their life - stuck in a career they don't like, stuck in an unhealthy friendship, stuck financially or just stuck generally, not going forward in life. Courage is the great enabler. It helps us face our fears and get unstuck. But what is courage? Are we born with it? Do we lose our courage as we mature? If we do, how do we get it back? Learn more about courage and Carolyn's book Unstuck in Provence: The courage to start over.

Connection & Community
How to bring it back in a digitally lonely world
Loneliness is an epidemic in today's Western world. And while technology has opened up incredible global opportunities on the one hand, it's also created isolation and separation for many. We're hard-wired for human connection and we're hungry to join communities where we belong.  Discover the most important steps required to make authentic and long-lasting connections within your favourite communities.

The Slow Business
How going slow reaps better results
The business world is fast and furious. The requirement for short-term results and profit creates an unhealthy culture where decisions are made quickly and often with devastating outcomes. What if we all just simply slowed down? How might this actually reap better results? Learn how slowing down can positively improve your business (and life).


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