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Eliane Miles is a social researcher, business strategist, demographer and trends analyst. She is in-demand right across the globe for her research-based presentations and advisory services on next generation leadership, the future of work, workplace culture, consumer trends, communicating for impact, and the engagement styles of the emerging generations.

Eliane bridges the gap between the numbers and their real-world application. Her trend analysis gives a full 360-degree view of how demographic shifts combine with social change, generational transitions, and digital trends to create ever-changing consumer and household landscapes.

Her research and synthesis create clarity from complexity. Her passion is finding the story in the data and giving practical insights that move teams towards confident decision-making. 

In the past two years alone, Eliane has delivered more than sixty keynote and strategy sessions across Australia and internationally. Eliane is a sought-after media commentator on the latest social trends. She is regularly interviewed on prominent television programs such as ABC The Drum, National Nine News, SBS News, Seven News and the Today Show, as well as on radio, print and in online media.

Eliane is the Founding Director of a The Curious Co, a strategic social trends consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. She is a full member of the Australian Market & Social Research Society and Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Speaking topics

Changing times, emerging trends: Responding strategically to the megatrends

Demographically, technologically, socially, and economically, times are changing faster than ever. It is imperative that organisations observe the changes, understand the shifts and respond to these changing trends. This session provides a strategic analysis of the key global and local trends transforming the business and consumer landscape, including technological trends, demographic shifts, household wealth, lifestyle expectations, social change, and generational transitions. Eliane will deliver an overview of the changes to help leaders not only respond to these trends but to shape them.

Designed especially for boards and executive teams to inform the strategic planning process.

The future of work: Adapting to the new world order

Research shows that 85% of the jobs we’ll be doing in 2030 have not yet been created. In an era of multiple careers, lifelong learning, and the gig-economy, technology is bringing whole sectors to an end and new jobs are emerging year on year. What will the future of work look like? More importantly, how can we ready ourselves, tomorrow’s students, and our workplaces to adapt in these times of change? In this session, Eliane will cover the fastest employment growth sectors and the emerging skills and attitudes required to thrive in today’s new world of work.

Designed especially for educators, business leaders, and anyone who wants to future-proof their career.

Attracting, retaining, and inspiring staff: Connecting with new workforce generations

More than three in five Australian Gen Y workers aim to leave their place of work in the next 12 months. What is the difference between those that will, and those that won’t? Leaders and managers at every level of organisations are being challenged to reconsider, re-adapt, and reinvent employee engagement. In this session, social researcher Eliane Miles will share the latest trends on workplace culture and practical tips for leaders to develop, train, and inspire their teams (whether local or remote!) to harness their combined capacity for innovation, efficiency, and productivity.

Designed especially for directors, managers, and people & culture professionals.

Leading teams in changing times: Creating multigenerational spark at work

Australians are living longer and working later. This means our workplaces today comprise more generations than ever before. Over the next decade, the proportion of Baby Boomers in the workforce will halve, while the number of Generation Y and Z workers will double. While some argue that the emerging generations bring too much idealism and self-assuredness to work, they also bring fresh ideas and a wave of entrepreneurialism that is helping us face disruption. In this session, Eliane will outline the greatest intergenerational transition Australia has ever seen and how leaders can to create high performing multigenerational teams.

Designed especially for intergenerational teams, managers, and all workplace communities.

Gen Z and Gen Alpha: Understanding and engaging the next generations

There are 4.6 million reasons to engage Gen Z and 2.6 million reasons to connect with Gen Alpha. Those born since 1995 have lived their whole formative lives in the 21st Century, shaped by wearable technology, automated cars and voice recognition software. They are sizable, digital, global, visual and social. Their lives are post-lifestage, their thinking post-logical, their learning post-linear and their careers post-structural. In this session Eliane will outline how educators, employers, and marketers can best engage with the most formally educated, technologically literate and materially endowed generation in history.

Designed especially for educators, marketers, student advisors, recruiters, and parents.

Saying more with less: Storytelling for persuasive communication

Since the year 2000, attention spans have dropped from 12 (!) to just 8 seconds. Our inability to focus is the result of us bombarded by 2.5 quintillion bytes of new data that is being created every single day. Over a decade ago leadership expert Stephen Covey predicted, “The Age of Wisdom will follow the Age of Information.” How do we apply wisdom in an age of message saturation? The challenge for organisations is to deliver quality content that tells a compelling story. In this session, Eliane will share elements of effective communication, trends in media consumption, and how to build your brand to connect with both staff and customers.​

Designed for directors, team leaders, marketers, brand managers, creative professionals.

Engaging with tomorrow’s donor: Trends, challenges, and opportunities for giving

Crowd-funding. Mid-level marketers. Virtual reality donor experiences. Not-for-profit leaders face a new landscape in which the challenges of digital adaptation come face to face with the demands of heightened donor expectations. Young advocates seek experiences while loyal givers donors face a swarm of enquiry. How can fundraisers ensure they maintain best-practice? Drawing from the latest research into donor behaviour and national giving, Eliane will discuss what charities and not-for-profits can do to ensure they remain relevant into the future.

Designed especially for for-purpose leaders who rely on fundraising for any portion of their revenue.

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