Maria Zuschmann

Australia - NSW

Dr Maria Zuschmann, affectionately known as Dr M, is an Integrative Chiropractor, Speaker, Author, Podcaster and Stress Adaptation & Performance Coach.

Dr M has been in the Health, Wellness and Performance space for over 20 years. Spending her early years in private practice as a Chiropractor developing a very keen interest in helping her clients with their Stress Adaptation structurally and through Posture Correction along with wellness workshops.

Dr M speaks and teaches with humour, warmth and realness whilst having the amazing ability to make what may seem complex into easy and simple action steps to help you take your life to the next level. She has been in the Health and Wellness industry for over 20 years.

Outside of her hands on work in her Chiropractic practice she is a sort after speaker and has facilitated 100s workshops over the last 14 years focusing on Stress Adaptation, Personal talents and Strengths and Peak Performance at work, home and play. She has mentored other business owners from around Australia and is an award winning Business Woman. Dr M is an Integrative Chiropractor, Speaker, Podcaster, Stress Adpatation & Performance Coach and is based in Sydney Australia.

Speaking topics

The Good, Bad & Ugly of Stress

  • How to recognise, manage and use Stress to your advantage in work, life and play
  • Why being over connected in the wrong places impacts your day.
  • The Keys to Optimising your daily Performance and Productivity with Ease
  • How to use your stress and turn it into Resilience and Strength.

How to FIT out to Stand Out in Business

  • The Keys to being Aligned with our values and Strengths so to perform at your best
  • Why trying to fit in versus owning our uniqueness can have an impact on Team Dynamics and leadership.
  • Understanding how not Fitting out can make you sick and stressed and not perform at your best.

Aligned U - Stress and Resilience Workshops

There has been and always will be stressors that create a stress response in our body, head and hearts. It is part of living. How we manage and adapt to these stressors directly impacts on the quality of our working and personal life each day.

We can “do” stress with a lot less effort. And even come to see stress as a gift to new levels of self-mastery, team performance and organisational greatness.

When we align and adapt to stress, and do stress with less effort we:

  • Improve our resilience dramatically
  • Feel and function better
  • Start to harness our daily stressors for good
  • Enjoy greater levels of energy
  • Find our flow and get so much more done
  • Raise the bar on our own potential
  • And gain greater fulfilment from life.


I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. M. as the keynote speaker at our Kindergarten Kick Off in 2019. Dr. M.’s enthusiasm, energy and personal anecdotes kept the audience engaged and wanting more. Her presentation made such an impression that when our leadership team was tasked with finding a coach to support our team to lean into their strengths and use them to manage our stress, energy and time – we did not hesitate to contact Dr. M. We needed someone to motivate, energise and build the skills and confidence of our team in an ever-changing landscape. Since the beginning of 2019 I have attended a variety of sessions with Dr. M, small and large group sessions, in-person and online. Every time after a session I not only came out of it feeling inspired, I left with strategies and skills that are not only practical and achievable – they are sustainable. I highly recommend considering Dr. M. to share her insights and knowledge with your team.
Sonija Smit
Service Excellence Lead
Wyndham City

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