5 Tips to #BreakTheBias when planning your next conference

Leanne Christie, Chief Of Everything O shares five tips to #breakthebias when planning your next conference.

I want to talk about five things meeting planners can put into place for your next conference that will help break the bias.

  1. Before the conference, ask your attendees to suggest some women speakers. This way, you're getting your attendees more involved in what's going to be happening on that day. Plus, you'll get some great ideas.
  2. Have gender equity goals - and stick to them!
  3. Get some soft skill subjects included in your conference because that will tend to bias women.
  4. Create women's circles or women's meetups as part of the total conference.
  5. Have you ever felt a bit unsafe at night when you've gone into the car park after a long day at a conference? I know that sometimes when I've been overseas and I've gone down those long, cavernous hallways in those big hotels. Some venues are making positive steps to work on women feeling safer at conferences. How can you make your women feel safer attending your conference?
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