FREE EBOOK! The 7 Secrets of Building Fame

By Penny Burke

Many organisations I work with want to be 'famous' with their customers. They want their customers to think of them first, to visit them always, to pay extra for them and them alone, to follow them on Facebook and Twitter – to LOVE them above all others.

But to be frank, many businesses don't deserve to be famous in the eyes of their customers! Some companies think they can just turn up and do the very barest of 'an OK job' – and in return, expect to build fame. Expect the customer to be loyal. Expect to get a pat on the back for frankly – doing their job!

The Wikipedia definition of FAME is 'the condition of being known or talked about by many people, especially on account of notable achievement'

It's that last bit that does it for me – the 'notable achievement' part. If you want to build fame amongst your customers, you need to first decide where your notable achievement is going to be. What will you do that is better? Different? Notable?

What do you really want to be famous for?

So here is my summary of the 7 Secrets to Building FAME – everything you need to know to build fame in your business. They are:

  • Know what you're famous for
  • It's not about you
  • Build a lighthouse brand
  • Deliver a business experience
  • Deliver a business experience consistently
  • Telling ain't selling
  • LIVE your brand!

If you want the full ebook and explanation, then simply click here, download and enjoy! Or talk to me about my keynote on 'The 7 secrets to building FAME' which I have presented so far in 2012 in San Fransisco, Melbourne, Sydney, Vietnam and Dubai.

If you would like to know more about that please contact me via Ovations.

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