The world of sales is in the midst of the greatest upheaval in history.

Radical internet pioneers continue to redefine the sales experience online, while digital communications have fundamentally changed the way we interact business to business. Our bricks and mortar businesses are not immune to these changes, even those few without websites struggle to deal with how business has changed in an interconnected world.

Danielle Di-Masi understands that the ability to build relationships remains at the core of any salesperson's toolset. Her major insight is into how today's digital landscape is shaping and changing the way we relate to others - and how that can be applied to improve the performance of sales staff.

David Penglase has built a radical new philosophy called 'intentionomics', maximising the human potential and impact of intentions in all of our interactions with others. Intentionomics calls on us to make a major mindset shift and change the way we approach sales and business ethics.

Chris Helder approaches one of the biggest trends of today's digital communications as a barrier to effective selling. He believes we've created an 'E-Wall' that impedes business, sales and relationships and promotes the necessity of breaking down the wall to achieve greater sales.

Frank Furness has embraced digital marketing to a degree few others have achieved. With dozens of sites all producing income and utilising cutting edge video marketing techniques, Frank is an expert in the trend of making money via unconventional online means. Visiting from the UK in November - enquire now

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